About myself (the deeper version). I'm a polyamorous, kinky, bisexual Dominant. This site is a collection of kinks, lusts, and desires. I'll also post some erotica I've written and the occasional passing thought. I do hope you enjoy the trip into my mind. If you're looking to get to know me better, find me on Fetlife. I can also be reached via Kik at CDNAlphaWolf.

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"The point sank in with surprising ease. For a second it seemed almost of no note; and then the pain blossomed, like an anemone, from the point it had driven into my palm. My hand sang in agony, and my nerves thrilled with it. It was an unfamiliar feeling, at once bad and good, terribly good…"

Anguissette do exist…



I would be pleased to hear from those of you who are following along with “30 Days of Sadism” on your own.

It gives Me quite a lot of pleasure knowing that you are suffering at My word.

So for those who can’t quite bring themselves to volunteer or submit pictures,

for those horny little souls who are just a bit to shy to post,

for those depraved and eager minds just begging to tell someone about what they did.

Message Me.