About myself (the deeper version). I'm a polyamorous, kinky, bisexual Dominant. This site is a collection of kinks, lusts, and desires. I'll also post some erotica I've written and the occasional passing thought. I do hope you enjoy the trip into my mind. If you're looking to get to know me better, find me on Fetlife. I can also be reached via Kik at CDNAlphaWolf.

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"You’re taking some cock tonight!", was the phrase he heard from her that very first time, as he walked in on her wearing this ready-to-ride outfit.

She loved her boy and their sex was quite wonderful But, usually being the bottom, Nina was finding that, every now and then, there was a new little stirring rising up from within her. It was her inner domme wanting some air and some exercise. It ramped up that urge that she used to ignore; the one that whispered that she should take him in ways that he had often taken her.

It was an amazing first turnabout night, and Nina was pleased and sated and proud of her willing boy. She loved that, as startled as he was, he gave over and let her have raw, rabid, ferocious way with him.

After that night, when the urge hit again, Nina would text him that very same phrase, “You’re taking some cock tonight!”, and he knew that the game would be on.

"Soon" she thought to herself, "I might have to add something else new."

She wasn’t about to tell him that one night, when she found the right third party, her code phrase,”You’re taking some cock tonight!” would mean taking some real cock… as well as hers.

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