About myself (the deeper version). I'm a polyamorous, kinky, bisexual Dominant. This site is a collection of kinks, lusts, and desires. I'll also post some erotica I've written and the occasional passing thought. I do hope you enjoy the trip into my mind. If you're looking to get to know me better, find me on Fetlife. I can also be reached via Kik at CDNAlphaWolf.

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I love cum. I really do. I am probably a cum slut to the fullest extent of that phrase. I love feeling it on my skin, tasting it, and I even love the smell of cum. I love those few seconds before my partner hits climax where I can feel him about to spill over. Those last few moments where we are both lingering on the edge of a euphoric cliff. I wish that feeling lasted forever. Pair that with just how fucking hot it is to feel someone shuddering not only against you, but inside you. Full body shivers that just wash over every inch of you both at the same time. Then there is my favorite thing. My favorite thing by far is when I am curled on his arm, already feeling sufficiently claimed, and a warm gush of cum leaks onto my thighs. It’s a nice little reminder that I am his, if only for the moment. I love basking in our sweat at the end, enjoying the afterglow, and soaking in the contented sighs. I love reveling in the thought of being conquered and owned.
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